Friday, 22 November 2013

Uses of Rose Water For Skin Care

Rose water is a common skincare remedy. People are using rose water for a number of beauty treatments since ages. It's numerous useful properties and therefore many beauty products and cosmetics range from the essence of rose water. Rose water is ideal for all skin types and is utilized in variety of creams and advanced facial serums.

Uses of Rose Water For Skin Care :

Reduce Eye Puffiness

Just convey a bottle of rose water in to the fridge for half an hour after which, apply some of it on a cotton pad and gently put it on your eyes. It will help sooth the tender skin around your vision and prevent or reduce eye puffiness.

Light Fragrance

Rosewater smells the same as fresh petals, and what it lacks in longevity-10 minutes is you get, it makes up for using its sunlit charm. On days when you’re traveling or don’t wish to have a perfumed presence, it’s ideal. It feels refreshing and uplifting.

For Shiny Skin

If you have a tough time controlling excessive oil secretion, do this pack. Take some fuller’s earth (multani mitti) and then add rosewater to make a fine paste. Give a few drops of fresh lemon juice. It cleanses pores effectively and prevents excessive oil secretion.


Add two spoons of glycerin and some drops of rose acrylic to a cup of rose water. Utilize it as a cleanser for your face. It's very gentle on your skin and helps to reduce chances of getting fine lines.

Skin Toner

Regular use of rose water like a toner can help prevent wrinkles (and, therefore, it can benefit prevent skin’s ageing), tighten pores and give a wonderful glow to the skin.

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