Friday, 15 November 2013

Green Smoothies Make Your Skin Glow

Consider starting your the day having a healthy skin smoothie. My fave breakfast recipe right now is frozen banana, papaya, baby spinach, flax seeds, soy milk, a splash of vanilla essence - merge a high powered blender and voila! A fast healthy breakfast, packed full of nutrients and it’s so great for your skin too.

Everyone’s into green smoothies nowadays, and there’s a very good reason for that: they’re a quick, convenient and delicious method to pump your body full of nutrients to create your body zing and your skin glow. They are able to also help you treat acne internally.

Most of us don’t eat enough leafy green vegetables as part of our daily diet, so blending them up right into a yummy smoothie is definitely the approach to take.

Most people find that before long they’re craving green smoothies greater than they do sugar. Seriously!

But here’s the one thing: if you want to really see a improvement in your skin, you need to drink them on a regular basis, especially if you suffer from acne as well as your skin is crying out for nutrients. Consistency is paramount.

If you happen to own a 1000-watt blender (or perhaps a special green smoothie blender such as the Vitamix), then you’ll have no probs blending those fresh, green leaves right into a smoothie that’s, well, really smooth! Should you don’t, then chop the greens up first and voila! It won’t be as smooth, however it will do the job well enough.

Try not to blend your smoothie for over a minute, as the longer you blend, the greater oxidation will occur, producing a loss of nutrients.

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