Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Easy Yoga Poses To Improve Concentration

Memory and concentration are extremely crucial key words in our everyday life. In the humdrum of today's life people, and many often children, face concentration problems. Good concentration keeps your brain calm and peaceful and keeps stress away keeping mind and body healthier.

Salutation Seal

This one from the easiest and most convenient of yoga poses to improve concentration. Just sit cross legged on the ground and join your palms together. Keep the spine erect and breathe deeply and slowly. Rid your mind of all the worries and find out how this yoga position for concentration allows you to improve your focus. You may do that for 15 minutes regularly.

Lotus Pose

This is actually the simple padmasana pose. Sit together with your legs crossed and back straight. Put the tips of your thumb and pointer finger together and keep your hands on the knee; attempt to meditate. Inhale and exhale deeply. Do that for 10-25 minutes as it will restore natural balance between the mind and body together with soothing the nervous system. It'll bring a single-pointed direction inside your thinking.

Crane Pose

This really is another balancing posture, however this time you’re balancing on your arms. Begin in a squat with your feet hip distance apart. Move your legs so your shins are right in line together with your armpits, then place your palms on the ground in front of you. Ever so slowly, tilt unwanted weight forward. The idea here is to obtain your feet off the floor, so you’re balancing fully to deal with.

Camel Pose

Backward bending is about facing our fears, which fits a long way toward quieting those distracting thoughts inside our heads. Start sitting on your legs, then raise your bottom out of your feet, so your thighs are perpendicular for the floor. Place your hands on the back, then inhale and arch back slowly, letting the face hang gently backwards.

Reclining Hero Pose

Relaxation poses assist you to focus in a way similar to a few of the breathing exercises. Sit on the knees, then move your feet apart slowly until your bottom is on the ground. Inhale and straighten your spine, then exhale while you lean backwards. The idea here's to relax your back onto the floor. Lay your arms at the sides, palms facing upward and concentrate on taking deep breaths. You are able to hold this pose for Thirty seconds or up to five full minutes.

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